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Phone Number Loyalty

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What’s different about ReUp?

ReUp has a more complete set of features to offer your customers, and allows you to take advantage of trends in purchases and loyalty. ReUp is not a shared marketplace. You won’t share space with any other brands including ReUp itself.

How big / established should my company be? Am I a good fit for ReUp?

You do not need to have a minimum company size, as long as you are dedicated to making a loyalty program work. ReUp works with small business from one location up to larger franchises. You are a good fit if your repeat customers visit at least once a month.

What is the process for getting started? What part of this does ReUp handle?

You can get started either by booking a demo with us and allowing us to do the work, or by singing up and getting started on your own. If you book a demo, we will run you through an overview of all the features, sign you up and choose the best package for you. We’ll also provide full custom app creation, as well as training and support on all plans.

Can I get started on my own? I want an iOS app!

Due to recent changes in Apple's iOS terms, we will only provide completely custom loyalty apps to reduce clutter and duplication in the App Store. As such, ReUp design and development teams will work closely with you to build a completely custom mobile app for the Enterprise package. We promise it'll be awesome and very unique!

Will ReUp work with my POS and/or existing loyalty?

We pride ourselves in being able to work in conjunction with almost any POS. We will work alongside most marketplace ordering and delivery services. We can also allow your customers to transfer points from other loyalty programs to their app accounts. If in doubt, ask and we’ll find the best way to make everything work.

What happens with my customer data?

You retain ownership of all the data you collect from your customers – including names, emails, and analytics.